We are committed to keeping abreast of emerging trends in website design and development services. The OMS team is clued into the latest advances in digital design technologies and are expert and proficient in numerous programming languages and applications…



HTML (HyperText Mark-up language) is often wrongly defined as a programming language, when in fact it is a mark-up language used to define the structure of a websites content.

HTML has long been used as one of the crucial keys to assured and efficient website design and development.

At ONLINE MEDIA SOLUTIONS our team of web designers and developers are exceptionally skilled in the use of HTML from…

Structuring content within a set of paragraphs, using data-tables, images, and listing bulleted points, to hyperlinking words and images, making a font bigger or smaller, bolding out words, and more…

OMS have every aspect of website design and development using HTML expertly covered.


A popular typescript with an open source framework based on MVC architecture. Angular, is an ideal coding solution for the front-end design and development of large-scale single page website designs.

At OMS our website designers and developers can excellently utilize Angular. They specialise in using it in the creation of web apps and the design of highly interactive User Interfaces (UI’s).

Widespread in the creation of both desktop and mobile web applications. Using the Angular landscape our designers and developers can expertly apply its ES6 features, static typing, and other quality coding elements.



ASP .NET is cross-platform, open-source, and has been specifically developed to build web apps and services using a .NET framework and C# coding.

At ONLINE MEDIA SOLUTIONS we use this website development platforms tools, libraries, and programming languages to build a variety of applications.

We have website designers and developers who are specialists in executing its features – building full stack web apps, enabling real time communication, developing REST API’s, creating deployable microservices, and much more…


PHP is used in digital design to develop everything from static to dynamic websites and applications. An open-source scripting language that operates server side, it is highly suited to web development and can be easily embedded into HTML.

PHP can do so much more than send and receive cookies or generate dynamic webpage content. With PHP’s advanced features the website developers at OMS can generate text processing tasks or utilise command line scripting.

The features of PHP enable us to design and develop websites which have improved code, accelerated bug reporting, communicate with databases, and more…

Contact our website development team for more information about the application and benefits of PHP in the design of your website.



It is true that in order to use the many web design and development properties of WordPress you do not necessarily need to be able to understand or write code. However, to make the most of its features, a knowledge of its 2 directive languages and 2 programming languages is essential.

At ONLINE MEDIA SOLUTIONS we are experts in the execution and creation of WordPress websites. We have extensive knowledge and experience developing HTML and CSS coding, Java script, and especially PHP programming languages. The four languages that enable us to maximise and boost the benefits WordPress websites can offer our clients.

Swift (iOS)

Designed and developed by Apple Inc. Swift is a programming language created to work on Apple Cocoa frameworks and with their existing body of objective-C coding (standard language for all apple products).

Our website designers and developers can update your existing Swift coding or create unique and completely fresh code from scratch. Keeping our fingers on the pulse of contemporary trends and technologies ensures our clients receive the highest proficiency and execution in the creation of iOS applications.



Java (Android)

Java is a backend programming language that can be used to simplify the web development and design processes of your site.

A powerful tool for coding and one of the most popular, utilised for embedded systems, data processing, mobile and desktop applications, and more…

The OMS team of website developers and designers have many years of expertise utilising Java’s formidable capabilities as a general-purpose backend programming language. Java remains at the top of the coding league table and is probably one of the most recognised and highly used programming languages in the game.

At ONLINE MEDIA SOLUTIONS we are passionate about providing a wide range of coding solutions for our web design and development services. Contact us today for further information and to discuss your digital design needs.

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